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I Got Too Lit Recovery Kit / Survival Kit Bags / Bachelorette / Birthday Party Hangover Kit /

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Hangover Kit, Hangover Survival Recovery Kit, Bachelorette Girls Night Out Party favors, Wedding Bridesmaids Hangover Bag Emergency Kits

This hangover kit can arrive fully assembled with all the essentials to help your guests (or you) recover.


- (1) Liquid IV
- (1) Purell Singles Gel
- (1) No Crease Hair Coil
- (1) Alka Seltzer Hangover Packet
- (1) Tums Antiacid Packet
- (1) Listerine Cool Mints PocketPak
- (1) Makeup Remover Wipe
- (1) Chap-Ice Lip Balm
- (1) Summer's Eve Cleansing Wipe
- (1) Bandaid

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any allergic reactions or potential choking hazards relating to the products included in this kit. Any consumption/use of the products is at your own risk.